Abraham Lincoln Elementary School, Dichroic Laminated Glass

Established in 1871, the Abraham Lincoln Elementary School has been an integral part of Chicago’s Lincoln Park community for over 135 years.  The school is located in one of Chicago’s landmark districts, which means that the city imposes guidelines to preserve the architecture and historic significance of the area. With this in mind, Muller+Muller set out to design the school’s expansion as an extension of the original building, with a distinct modern touch. To achieve their goals, materials used on the original building including, brick, terra cotta, limestone, and dark bronze were matched. However, to add a modern flair, dichroic glass was used to highlight the rooftop play area, a key feature of the new Annex. Once complete, the dichroic glass serves a dual purpose, adding intrigue when viewed from the street level and a colorful, whimsical appeal to the children’s play area.