Standard Bent Glass Corp.


Standard Bent Glass Corp.
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Butler, PA 16003-0469
Phone: (800) 634-9252
Fax: (724) 287-3747
Contact: Jeff Nichols


Decorative Glazing Products:

  • Bent Tempered Glass
  • Bent Laminated Glass
  • Bent Insulated Glass
  • Bent Tempered Laminated Glass
  • Complex Compound Bent Glass
  • Decorative Laminated Glass
  • SentryGlas®Expressions™
  • Laminated Transportation Glazing
  • Transparent Armor

Standard Bent Glass Corp, with over 70 years experience in quality manufacturing, has emerged as the single source for all of your custom architectural glazing requirements. Combining decades of artisan craftsmanship with advancements in glass technology, Standard Bent Glass has established itself as the premier supplier of custom glass products. Offering a complete line of products including curved laminated glass, curved tempered glass, compound curved glass, decorative laminated glass, and transparent armor systems, Standard Bent Glass has the product and solution for all of your design challenges.

Standard Bent Glass has developed unique systems with proprietary technology to create decorative laminated glass with virtually unlimited design options. Choose from a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures, and one-way vision films. Standard Bent Glass is licensee for SentryGlas®Expressions™, a computer –based digital imaging system for decorative glass utilizing DuPont™ technology. Using proprietary inks with glass lamination, life-like photographic images and vibrant digital designs can be incorporated into interior and exterior applications. All options are available in flat and curved glass.