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Skyline Design
skyline-action1240 N. Homan Ave.
Chicago, Il 60651
Phone: (773) 278-4660
Fax: (773) 278-3548


Decorative Glazing Products:

  • ARCHIglas™
  • ARCHIglas texture™
  • FOTOglas™
  • FOSILglas™
  • Vitracolor™
  • weaves + texture™
  • light + shadow™
  • Custom Glass

Skyline Design is the number one supplier of sandblasted and sealed decorative glass in North America. Founded in 1982, Skyline is an award-winning studio located in Chicago, and is recognized nationally for quality craftsmanship and service. Skyline is also building a reputation for innovative design collaboration with leading talent, offering the architecture and design community the most comprehensive portfolio of glass products anywhere. Our standard glass lines provide a broad range of designs with affordable flexibility. Lead time is kept to a minimum because all of our glass is manufactured in and shipped from Chicago.

Product lines include sandblasted glass, textured glass, and opaque surfaced glass for interior and exterior wall cladding. We also specialized in translucent and opaque paint finishes and a photo applied process. Skyline Etch Sealer™ protects all of our large scale sandblasted patterns for easy maintenance. Custom design is available.

Applications include sidelights, door lights, feature walls, signage and horizontal surfaces. The collection comes in standard glass sizes (up to 56×124) and thicknesses, and meets all glass safety requirements. The collection is offered on tempered, laminated or clear plate glass.