Saint-Gobain Glass


Saint-Gobain Glass
5825 N. 71st Street
Suite 205
Scottsdale, Arizona 85254
Phone: (480) 607-9400
Contact: Roger WatsonAriane Apler


Decorative Glazing Products:

  • SGG Charme: Decorative acid-etched glass
  • SGG Contour: Curved annealed glass
  • SGG Crea-Lite: Heat-formed decorative glass
  • SGG Decorglass: Clear or body-tinted patterned glass
  • SGG Emalit: Color enameled glass
  • SGG Image: Specialist decorative laminated glass
  • SGG Masterglass: Contemporary geometric textured glass
  • SGG Miralite: Clear or body-tinted silvered glass
  • SGG Mirastar: chromium mirror
  • SGG Saint-Just: Cylinder blown glass
  • SGG Satinovo: Acid-etched glass
  • SGG Seralit: Screen-printed toughened glass
  • SGG Stadip Color: Color laminated glass

Glass is at the very heart of Saint-Gobain. Founded in 1665 in France on the initiative of Colbert, to produce mirrors for the Royal Court of Versailles, Saint-Gobain is today a leading glass manufacturer and among the top one hundred industrial groups world-wide. With strong international representation, there are well over 100,000 employees in forty-two countries. In addition to glass, Saint-Gobain is also a European and world leader in all of its other chosen areas of activity: insulation, building materials, ductile pipes, container, fiber reinforcements, industrial ceramics, abrasives and specialized distribution.

Saint-Gobain manufactures processes and markets glass for the construction and automotive industries. It also provides specialist glass for specific industrial sectors, including aviation, transport, household appliances, commercial refrigeration and optics.